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Dear Friend

Dear friend, How long I haven’t heard help from you?
Nothin’ gonna special happen in my life
Faces of the Sun & Moon still look the same
but I found that such a long time’s gone. I said,

Oh, the rain of sorrow striking me so deeply
walking a long way of despair & loneliness, oh no
Dancing with the empty heart, but after all
Nothin’s gonna scare me, trying to give a best shot
This is my way
~For your grateful love~I’m still longing you~
Thank you for your help

Dear friend, I made it end up lately
to chase the meanings & the answers of life
It’s not so hard to find the happiness
Wanna be moved by beautiful smiles & tears, oh baby

uh, I’m gonna fly away someday
uh, to the place you’re belonging to
Now I wanna watch to the end
of big confusion times~don’t wanna take my eyes off~
Until I see you again

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